X. ARI - Uni-Fi

X. ARI – “Uni-Fi”

Artists using their platform to convey a message is always something I respect so much. If you have people paying attention to what you say, you should absolutely use that opportunity to raise awareness or offer support if you can. X. ARI has been a great example of this in the years that I’ve been following her career. Her new EP Uni-Fi is no exception.

X. ARI has been a huge advocate for mental health awareness and does an incredible job of turning her experiences into something beautiful (both for us to listen to & learn from, and for her to share her story with us). I’ve often heard her refer to the yin and yang, not being able to have the good without the bad. It’s a concept she explores a lot through her music, which means I’ve in turn explored it as well. It’s impossible to listen to her music and not become introspective.

This EP also introduces her alter ego, IRA X. It adds a whole new element to the songs with her duet-ing with her transposed voice. Such a cool idea, I absolutely love it. But more than anything, I love her dedication to creating such powerful music with an even more powerful message.

If you want to listen to X. ARI’s new music along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist!

X. ARI - Uni-Fi

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