VNYL Unboxing

VNYL Unboxing: #stockingstuffers

I’ve been waiting (rather impatiently, to be honest) for my VNYL subscription box to arrive and today was the day…talk about a Christmas miracle. I totally missed the part where the #stockingstuffers box was only stocking stuffers and not actual full records, but I think this was perfect for December!! My mom was so concerned that I might have gotten the same records she bought me that I’ll be opening tomorrow morning, so she was also relieved to find 3 Christmas singles in the box.

The shipping charges to Canada make me want to throw up but such is life in the Great White North. Can’t do anything fun without an extra fee. I’m so in love with what arrived and the entire concept and I’m going to write Sam a letter asking him to be my new best friend (I’ll keep you updated on how that turns out…), so the shipping charges are definitely worth it!

I filmed a VNYL unboxing for YouTube that took approximately 12 years to upload because my brand new Macbook ran out of space…