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Vinyl For Christmas: The Best Ones To Show You Care

I’m not sure if you’re hoping to get vinyl for Christmas, but I know it’s a good go-to gift for me. If someone can’t find a gift that suits me, they default to grabbing a record because that always works. However, some records definitely pack a more powerful punch than others. And when you’re buying someone a gift, don’t you want opening it to be a dramatic event? I’ve got a list going for myself – as you can see in today’s video. Plus, I already own a bunch that I know are pretty impressive.

Let’s get to work finding the perfect gift for everyone you love.

This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you use my links to make your purchase on Amazon. This does not affect pricing for you at all, and I get to make like 3 cents. Woohoo!

Honestly, if you live in the US of A… don’t even bother looking through this post. Just go to Hot Topic’s website and do your shopping there. They have the best pressings and I’ll continue to act salty until they offer reasonable shipping to Canada.

If you don’t live in America, alright! Let’s get into the search.

Fall Out Boy Represses

There’s nothing better than having an album get repressed after you spent years thinking you’d never find it. I mean, it sucks if you shelled out a ton of cash on an OG pressing… and then it became super common and lost all value. But whatever. Fall Out Boy’s old albums all got the repress treatment this fall and Hot Topic has all of the beautiful pressings. If you don’t mind getting standard black, you can get them here:

Panic! At The Disco Represses

Oh yes, this happened too. Honestly, I’m more excited about these ones. Between Fever and Vices…this is the best thing that ever happened to me. You can check out all the repressings below:

Side One Dummy

I’m so in love with this record label, it’s almost sickening. Have I ever even loved a person like this? I’m honestly unsure (don’t tell Aaron) (or my family). Every artist they sign is consistently incredible, and they make up a huge percentage of my Top 10 albums of 2016. Their pressings are beautiful and their artists are people that you want to dedicate your life to supporting. Whoever you’re buying for is sure to fall in love with any or all of them. Check them out here:

Local Toronto Artists

Hey, did you know I’m from Canada? Have I mentioned that before? Also, do we have a sarcasm font yet? In the last year, I’ve discovered a lot of Canadian bands that I wish I’d found sooner. Nearly all of them were from around Toronto, which means I get a lot of opportunities to see them live. I give them all of my money for records every chance I get. Apparently these local bands are really stepping up the vinyl pressing game, not to mention the music game in general. They’re all so beyond talented, your friends & fam would thank you for intro’ing them to these bands. Check em out:


If you don’t want to take your chances guessing at music, maybe a soundtrack is a safer option. There are so many TV/film soundtracks, not to mention holiday soundtracks. This is a fun way of supporting their love for a different form of media through music.

Have a better vinyl idea? Share it in the comments!