Top 5 PUP Videos //

Top 5 PUP Videos

If you haven’t been listening to PUP before now, you’ve been missing out for a long time. I honestly feel bad and I want to help you, but it might be too late. The band has toured so much that they are literally ready to kill each other, if their latest music video is any indication of their current status.

Speaking of music videos (I’m so smooth)…this band makes THE SICKEST music videos. I am not joking. The whole reason I started listening to this band was because I couldn’t stop watching their music videos for every minor detail or plot twist. They’re like entire films condensed into a couple minutes.

And so today I shall do for you what no one did for me, and supply you with the essential intro post you need to become PUP’s #1 fan. Welcome to my world.

5. Dark Days

This video was nominated for a JUNO, which is a big deal in Canada. More than that, it’s a really entertaining video that I think helps contextualize what happens when you spend 2 years in a van with the same 4 people. But y’know. Award nominated. Nice.

4. Reservoir

This video is not for the faint of heart. I feel bad that I didn’t bring anything useful with me to their set at Reading Festival in 2014. However…I may not have had the guts to be helpful anyway. *gags*

3. DVP

Y’ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT VIDEO GAMES?? As soon as I started this video, I felt my heart escape my chest and float off into space because it grew too large for my trash body and ascended to the stars. It’s my niche and I can’t handle it in any way.

2. Mabu

I think this was the video that made me buy their album on vinyl. This was the video where I made the conscious decision to love this band wholeheartedly and harass them about their Spotify listening habits from time to time. If I ever had to junk my car, this is my dream approach to the situation and I respect them for it.

1. If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will

THIS. VIDEO. CHANGED MY LIFE. I listen to this while I drive and I scream and sometimes I accidentally start to speed and have to really concentrate on being a responsible adult but COME ON. I’M THINKING ABOUT THIS VIDEO. So much happens in such a short span of time, and I honestly understand this feeling a little too well. What they feel after 2 years of living in a van together, I feel after spending more than 24 hours without alone time. Is that bad?

It was hard to pick only 5 videos. PUP only has a couple more than that, and they’re all incredible. If you liked these, go watch Guilt Trip and for the love of punk would you go listen to their album on Spotify??

Their new album “The Dream Is Over” is out on May 27th and you really don’t want to miss it.

If I converted you into a PUP fan, please tell me below.

If you thought this was gonna be puppy videos, I am sorry.