Top 5: Best Christmas Songs Of All Time

Ah, Christmas songs. The only type of music that we are forced to associate with a time of year. I would like to listen to Wham!’s “Last Christmas” all year long, thank you so much, and would appreciate you not giving me dirty looks on my drive to work in mid-July. It’s only weird because you’re making it weird. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

jared monaco christmas songs

You could range from pop punk Christmas songs, like All Time Low or 7 Minutes In Heaven, to arguably the best Christmas album to put on at a holiday party (obviously I’m talking about Michael Bublé). So many Christmas tunes to choose from! But some of these tracks are better than others. It’s nothing personal, it’s just the way that it is. I’ve got the top 5 songs you’ll need for your holiday playlist to ensure maximum holiday cheer and happiness. 

1. Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

This song is arguably the best song to listen to as soon as the holiday season starts. I would venture to say there isn’t another Christmas song in existence that gets me as amped up and ready for the holidays as this song, and I’d venture as far as to say this is a global concept. You can’t not love this song. It’s the same way I feel about Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose”. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like it.

2. Mariah Carey ft. Justin Bieber – All I Want For Christmas Is You

An update on a classic to bring us a fresh take in the 2010’s. Not quite as good as the original, but still fantastic in its own right. Mariah sounds like her voice hasn’t changed in the slightest, no matter how many years go by (please never mention the Rockefeller performance to me, we’re not going to discuss it) and it keeps this new version of the song rooted in nostalgia. You can’t have a holiday playlist without at least a little Mariah.

3. Mariah Carey ft. Jimmy Fallon & The Roots – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Maybe what you’re looking for is a version of AIWFCIY that doesn’t sound quite as much like the original. Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots have brought us a version from their Classroom Instruments series. The 4 children singing the background vocals really ties it all together, it’s truly a lovely addition to your holiday playlist. No playlist is complete without Mariah around the holidays.

4. The Maine – Ho Ho Hopefully

December 1st will never be the same again. I’m waiting for the day I’m traveling in early December and I’m actually in a foreign state and running late and all alone. It’ll happen someday. Until then, I will listen to this song for 24 hours straight once a year…and then listen to it in a more normal, casual way for the entire rest of the year. A highlight for me is that my eyes are blue and green, so I feel like John is singing about my Christmas light eyes. It’s a wild time.

5. Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

I couldn’t make this list without referencing one of the most prolific Christmas songs of my entire lifetime. It’s the perfect combination of catchy pop and classic holiday music. If you attend a holiday party and this song doesn’t come on at least once an hour, you need to leave and cut that friend off. They are not looking out for anyone’s best interests. This song is necessary.

RUNNER UP: Mariah Carey ft. Michael Bublé – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Mariah and Michael have very different voices, so they have very different styles that come into play in this version. Mariah is more upbeat and excited, while Michael is more jazzy and smooth. They don’t blend well, but it’s two of the biggest players in 2015 Christmas music singing together so…I still love it. And I couldn’t go this entire article without mentioning Mariah at least once. She’s a requirement on all holiday playlists, I’m pretty sure Spotify made a rule about it.

(Also, someone needs to talk to that conductor about following cues from the vocalist instead of just marching right along at the rate you’ve decided upon)

Do you agree with my choices? What songs did I miss?