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The Jins – “She Said”

Nothing in my life has ever made more sense than when I was looking up where The Jins were from and discovered it was the Pacific Northwest. Is grunge even allowed to be created elsewhere? Legally??

I’m a little late to the game on this one. The video above for “She Said” came out back in February, but I’m constantly playing catch-up with Gmail… so I finally listened to it last night. And then — of course — I was immediately overcome with a wave of guilt and anxiety. This perfect gem has been sitting in my inbox for months and I didn’t realize?? What else is hiding in that black hole??

However, the universe has been kind to me just this once. Their new EP Death Wish drops in two weeks, and I am thankfully aboard the bandwagon in time to celebrate it. Their sound is so perfectly grunge, but without sounding dated or like a carbon copy of someone else. Definitely check back on May 17th for my thoughts on the whole thing.

Note to self: find your old flannel shirts before The Jins start announcing tour dates.

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