The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer – “Bring Me Back To Life”

The Dangerous Summer are having an exciting spring so far. Their new album is out June 14th, their tour with Have Mercy & Modern Chemistry kicks off this Friday, and their new single/video “Bring Me Back To Life” is out now.

This video caused my stress levels to sky rocket because I wanted him to catch a wave so badly. I was invested as if I was watching it live and I was worried it might not happen. Then my brain was like “that’s probably someone who knows how to surf being paid to fall 100 times” and now the video hits different.

The song itself reminds me so much of Angels & Airwaves, my brain’s automatic reaction is to sing along with the voice of Tom DeLonge. It’s a beautiful mid-tempo summer song; it sounds like driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down. Speaking of which — was this music video filmed at El Matador Beach? Famed home of the blink-182 “All The Small Things” video AND One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”? Can anyone confirm/deny?

Give this song a spin, we’ll have the full album before you know it.

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