the bright black

The Bright Black – “Super Duper”

I’m having a slow start to my Monday morning so far. Luckily, The Bright Black released a song on Friday that’s kicking me into high gear. Listen below!

My first thought after hearing the new single was that they carry the same energy in their music as Yungblud. So it wasn’t shocking when I found out they actually supported him on some shows recently. I can imagine going to that show and just like…. running out of energy halfway through and falling asleep in the pit.

The band shared some of their thoughts on this new single:

“We are so excited for our fans to hear SUPER DUPER because it not only captures the energy of our live shows but also promotes a very positive message. The song was inspired by all the strong women in each of our lives who are unapologetically themselves, however, SUPER DUPER is less a
political statement and more of a celebration and we hope that our listeners feel invincible after hearing it.”

The Bright Black

Considering making this song my alarm in the mornings so I actually get out of bed on the first try. If you need a little extra boost in your days, I think The Bright Black are the ones to look to.

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