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The Best Of Harry Styles

As we all know, today is one of the most important days of the year. Honestly…I wonder why it hasn’t been made an official holiday yet so we can take the day off work and celebrate properly.

Yep, it’s Harry Styles’ birthday.

We all have things we love about this dude. From his ability to be himself unapologetically to the fact that he treats every fan like he’s known them since birth, he makes it nearly impossible to not be at least a little in love with him.

So I asked everyone to send me their favourite things about Harry and received a very eclectic list of moments back. You’re gonna love this.

Let’s have another toast to the boy almighty!

The Tampa hair. THE TAMPA HAIR. You already know.

Also, when he asked Zayn about you on stage and Zayn showed his douchey self being douchey.

[Editor’s note: A long story I will tell at another time…]

OH and when that dude they were on X Factor with won X Factor and he was like “think of all the pussy”

PS. I love you

PPS. cum 2 brazil!!1!

– Taryn Chock, actual mermaid

My favourite Harry Styles-ism that he has ever said/done is when they were reacting to old photos and Liam was saying how scared he was to hold a koala and Harry just casually replies “his face says ‘shit. I’ve got chlamydia.'” Super calm, cool and collected but absolutely ridiculous. The essence of Harry.

– Sarah Strange, blogger/YouTuber

Harry Styles

– Ananda Pratt, honourary member of the Lacey family

Harry Styles, professional cougar catcher

This headline. Cougar Catcher. I feel like that warrants a “best of” mention in Harry’s life.

[Editor’s note: Anne, please charge your phone.]

– Anne Stirk, resident boyband expert

I would like to start out with saying Harry styles is the weirdest human being and that makes him the best human being.

Exhibit A:

Harry Styles

Exhibit B: when he rocked this furry vest

Harry Styles

Exhibit C: his dumb smirk

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

And finally, Exhibit D: the time he almost tripped over a dog while walking and then went back to pet it

Harry Styles

In closing, Harry Styles is a prince.

– Ashley Lavadinho, Josh Dun stunt double


– Carley Coles, blogger/YouTuber

the start of the man bun

– Nikki Sin, blogger

My favourite Harry moment was when he stopped to help a fan who was pushed by the paparazzi. It happened a few years ago, but I think it really showed who Harry was. He was being mobbed by both fans and paparazzi and there was barely room for him to walk, and still he took some pictures with fans. And when he got near his car, paparazzi shoved one of the fans and she fell, and he went against the security to help her up. And then he took a picture with her. That’s just who Harry is. He wants everyone to be treated with love and kindness. That’s why another thing I love about him is his absolute support for gay rights. It’s an issue that people are affected by daily and Harry’s one of the biggest stars in the world. He knows what he says and thinks matters, and he’s not afraid of loving and supporting everyone. That’s why I love Harold.

– Jesse Drew, YouTuber

And me? I’m 100% here for Marcel.

Harry Styles as Marcel

Harry Styles as Marcel

Harry Styles as Marcel

Harry Styles as Marcel

Harry Styles as Marcel

What’s your personal fave Harry Styles moment/thing/life event?

Happy Birthday Prince Harry!