New Music From Reverse Order //

SURPRISE! New Music from Reverse Order

Nothing like a surprise EP to get your Tuesday going, am I right?

Reverse Order went and dropped their “Nothing To Hide” EP today (produced by Matt Squire & Steve Tippeconnic, who have collectively created handfuls of my fave albums). It’s catchy pop goodness and I am LOVING IT. However, taking fault with the title…they hid this EP quite well until this morning. Read on to find out more about the EP that’s going to tide you over until the weather heats up.

Their first single off of the EP is “Erase You” (which you can watch below).

However, I immediately gravitated to the final track, “Let You Go”. I feel like it calls out to the sad kid in me (it has more of a pop punk ballad vibe to it). Then again, when are things NOT calling out to the sad kid in me? The whole EP is catchy and fun and I will be unapologetically blasting it out of my car windows once the weather gets warmer.

If you’re thinking “Reverse Order sounds familiar….but why….?”, perhaps you remember them from America’s Got Talent? Probably the most hardcore rendition of “I Kissed A Girl” that I’ve ever heard/ever will hear.

If we’re being honest…winter has gone on for far too long. I am ready to wear shorts and go to the lake and live my life dependent on what I want to do and not on if it’s too cold for me to step outside. This EP is making me remember that summer is a real thing that I will be able to experience again very soon. And I am so ready for these two things to come together. Until Mother Nature gets her shit together, this EP will keep me going.


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