Carley presents #SundaySpins on // This week, it's SWMRS

#SundaySpins with Carley: SWMRS

Welcome to another episode of #SundaySpins, a weekly blog series that highlights a record you NEED to be listening to right this minute! If you’re looking for some tunes to blast through your headphones or speakers, then keep on reading, this is for you!

This week, I’d like to introduce your eyes and ears to SWMRS, aka your new favourite band. Now you may have seen SWMRS on Paige’s blog before – she interviewed SWMRS’ own Cole Becker earlier this year! They played 3 shows in Toronto over the course of 3 months this summer, and you can bet that Paige and I were front row at each of those shows! I actually bought this record for $5 at their last show here, bless SWMRS for the $5 price tag, my wallet and ears thanks you dearly.

Carley presents #SundaySpins on // This week, it's SWMRS

The Miley/Uncool EP features two songs from their latest album, Drive North. “Miley” and “Uncool” were the first songs I heard from SWMRS and were the only songs on their Spotify at that time, I was instantly hooked and I needed more SWMRS tunes in my life. Eventually, Drive North was released and all was well in the world, although I am still waiting impatiently for the album to be pressed on vinyl…

“Miley” was inspired by our favourite punk rock queen, the one and only Miley Cyrus. “Miley” is one of those songs you just want to scream at the top of your lungs to, not only because it’s catchy, but because the lyrics are relatable. It’s all about being yourself and ignoring what others think of you, just like Miley does. Do your thing and be a rebel! I can guarantee that you will be referring to Miley Cyrus as your punk rock queen from now on. Now let’s flip over to “Uncool”, which is probably one of my favourites off of Drive North. I have always prided myself on being different because being “cool” just seemed so boring, you know? For that reason, this song has become my own personal anthem and I hope it becomes your own personal anthem as well!

What records have you been listening to lately? Use the hashtag #SundaySpins so we can see what you’re spinning!