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#SundaySpins: Moose Blood

By Posted on 5 2 m read

Welcome to another episode of #SundaySpins! A weekly blog series that highlights a record that you NEED to be listening to right this minute! If you’re looking for some tunes to blast through your headphones or speakers, then keep on reading, this is for you!

This week, I’d like to share my latest find with you: “Blush” by Moose Blood. My first experience with Moose Blood was actually from a Tumblr post that featured “Boston” song lyrics from Moose Blood, “Bored with nothing to do, but lay around listening to Deja Entendu thinking about you.” I love Brand New’s “Deja Entendu”, so I thought this lyric was the absolute best thing I’ve heard, and it got me curious about Moose Blood. So, I gave their album “Blush” a listen on Spotify and soon after, I went out on the hunt for the record on vinyl.

Sunday Spins with Carley: Moose Blood //

I ended up stumbling upon a beautiful pink, white and blue tricolour pressing of the album at Sonic Boom here in Toronto. One of the many things that I love about this album is the artwork. The colours are so so so pretty that I often find myself taking the record off of my shelf so I can admire how beautiful and simple the artwork is. I mean, I also take it off of my shelf so I can listen to it too, obviously, ha ha ha.

Sunday Spins with Carley: Moose Blood //

Now enough about looks, on to the tunes! This band and album are still really new to me, but they are giving me a great first impression so far. Their lyrics are great and I definitely find myself bobbing my head along to their songs. One track in particular that really stands out for me on “Blush” is “Spring”. I’m a sucker for a sad song, so I’m not even surprised that my favourite track from this album is the slowest one, typical Carley. Another one of my favourites is “Honey”, which is a more upbeat, fast paced song. It’s definitely one of those songs that makes you want to jump around in a crowd at a show, AKA the best type of song!

In closing, I’m really happy that I found out about Moose Blood and their album “Blush”. So far, I’m loving the vocals and I’m obsessed with how fantastic the lyrics are, especially that Deja Entendu lyric. Technically, that lyric is actually from their album “I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time”, so I guess that means I’ll have to give that album a full listen now as well! If it’s anything like “Blush”, I know Moose Blood will not disappoint me.

What records have you been listening to lately?

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  • Shelby Stevens

    To me, IKYIMFTT is better then Blush. But I am still in love with blush none the less. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

  • Alaskasghost

    Hot topic has (had?) a really pretty blue pressing of this?

  • Megan

    absolutely love moose blood! can’t wait to (hopefully) see them on tour next year!

  • Kimmy

    Love Moose Blood!

  • Charlotte

    You have such a nice pressing!