Sunday Summary December 2015 //

Sunday Summary – Dec. 20/15

Again, I’ve left posting until the final 35 minutes of the day. To be fair, it is the holiday season and I was at Christmas parties and meetings until not too long ago. And then I had to make some nachos. And now I’m here panicking as per usual. So…Sunday Summary!

Cause you’re a good girl and you know it ? You get your Christmas presents from me ??

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What’s been going on lately! What HAS been going on lately??

– My Pop Punk Christmas Card post got over 750 views! That’s not a lot for most people, but my blog is still a baby so that is Very Good for me and I’m feeling hella good.

– My YouTube channel has an entire 26 followers. I’m making friends with vinyl YouTubers while I wait for my gold YouTube Play button to arrive in the mail…come say hi!

– The #12DaysOfVinyl ended and I’ve been having a terrible time trying to remember what I used to post on my Instagram before that…

– I got all of my Christmas shopping done, and did 99% of it online! I absolutely hate malls during the holiday season, so doing my shopping from under the safety of my One Direction blanket…heavenly. Everything I bought was from Much Needed Merch or Uncommon Goods. I’d HIGHLY recommend both sites if you still have shopping to do. At this point, you might need to say it got “lost in the mail” until it finally ships to you.

– I went shopping with a dear friend that I haven’t seen since high school (and picked up the only item I had to actually get from a mall this Christmas) and got him to use my Beauty Insider card at Sephora…to push me over the edge to VIB Rouge status. So I’m feeling super bougie today and very excited for my unlimited makeovers. The world knows I need someone to teach me how to do a smoky eye without looking like yung Pete Wentz. They were out of the “welcome” lipstick and I’m being very dramatic about it because as I’ve said a half-billion times, I’m a sucker for anything limited edition or “free with purchase”. This was right up my alley and I missed out. Life is soooooOOOooo hard….

I’ve got a super fun post coming tomorrow featuring 2 of my best friends (that’s a Gemini joke), so stay tuuuuuuuned. <3