Roundup: Miley, What’s Good?! (this week)

A roundup. Yep. You’re probably wondering if I’ve run out of ideas for Blogmas. I actually haven’t, I’m just really underperforming because it’s Monday. However, Mondays are tough, so having a condensed list of things to check out on the internet to destress from everything you’ve got going on in your life could be nice, right? Well then, let’s jump right in.


Have you checked out your Year In Music yet from Spotify? Mine is wildly inaccurate because I didn’t really use Spotify after my premium account ran out in the spring, but it’s still super fun to check out and very aesthetically pleasing. Share your results with me because I am far too interested in everyone’s years (but only as it pertains to your Spotify listening history).

I connected with Kevin Onedr on Instagram a few weeks back. I visited his Soundcloud page and arbitrarily clicked on a song…BAM. Found this. I know I’m not the only one who misses 2AM Club and this has got those same chill party vibes. So beyond chill.

W Darling just released her 2nd EP and I’m just as obsessed with her as I was when I first heard her. I’d heard her music a few times and really liked it, but hearing her live…without exaggerating, my jaw dropped and stayed there until her set was done. If you’re rushed for time (you’re not, but I understand you want to pretend so you can escape at any time), make sure you at least listen to “I’ll Keep Waving”. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to it and starting to collapse into my mattress, I may never be seen again.


My girl Carley at Pale In Plaid dropped a fire mixtape (actually just a blog post) today and I’ve got a feature on it. If you’ve got a bunch of band tees that you feel like you can’t wear out in public for fear of looking like Hot Topic threw up on you, this is the post for you. If I can style a bunch of boyband shirts and an extra large Linkin Park tee, you can too.

pale in plaid band shirts roundupToronto Paradise wrote a super cool article about how to become an artist in 2016. Of course, there are way more steps than are outlined in the article (but really, how long can one article be?)…but with the rise of internet-made artists like Halsey, Shawn Mendes, and Troye Sivan, they make a very good point.

The lovely Nataliya at StyleTomes made a lovely gift guide to help you shop for every person you know. It’s definitely given me a little inspiration for my own shopping woes…I’m having a tough time finding things this year. She is here to help me, and to help all of us. Bless her heart.

The Rest

If you haven’t joined in on the #12DaysOfVinyl yet, there’s still time. Some people started a few days late, some people are waiting to start on December 13th…there is no right/wrong time to start. Come join in and show off your stunning vinyl record collections!

I just got Snapchat! Well, I mean, I’ve had Snapchat for a long time…but I just ~rebranded~ and got a Snapchat as “paigebackstage”, so come follow me for a lot of trash snaps and maybe one or two good ones.

I like a lot of Vines, all of a sudden. I did a good job of avoiding the site, save for Zach Piona and Josh Kennedy…but now I’m hooked. And if I don’t stop talking about Cody Ko soon, someone’s going to kill me. Best snaps of the week are below.

If you found funnier Vines or other useful blog posts, send them my way! Until then, I’m out. Blogmas is really taking a lot out of me, and it’s only been one week.