Rarity press photo 2019

[LISTEN] Rarity – “A Numbness”

How am I supposed to keep writing about these Rarity singles if they’re going to keep getting better every time? How am I supposed to write “this is my favourite one yet” once a month and still retain my credibility?


This is the fourth single released so far from Rarity’s upcoming album The Longest Lonesome which will FINALLY be out on August 30th. I can’t wait to hear more of these songs live because from what I’ve seen so far… they are 100% made to be heard live.

I think this one is the most interesting of the four so far. I’ve loved them all — specifically “Drown Me Out” — but this one feels different. It’s tapping into something different, it’s something new for them. And they’re absolutely killing it. Not long now until we have the whole album. I’m counting down the days.

If you want to listen to Rarity’s new single along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist! If you’re looking specifically for more Ontario music…I’ve got you covered too.

Rarity press photo 2019

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