RYLS - Feel Something promo photo 2019

PREMIERE: RYLS – “Feel Something”

I’ve been sharing my undying love for RYLS since they first tweeted me their “Doomed x Gasoline” mashup last year. Today, instead of yelling at each other online, we’re yelling WITH each other online. I get the honour of premiering their new video for “Feel Something” ahead of the single drop at midnight (make sure you check back for that later).

I’ve spoken at length about my love for RYLS here in the past. So like… you already know how I feel. I love them, I love their sound, I love how they actually connect with people online. I could go on all day with the nice things I think about these four. This new track is a perfect evolution of the sound they curated on their live: love: lose EP earlier this year. I’m amazed by how quickly they were able to hone in on a sound that was so recognizably theirs.

On their last EP, they toyed around with a bunch of different genres and styles. From what I’ve heard, this track is the heaviest we can expect to hear from now on. Only time will tell what else is to follow, but I trust them entirely. If “Feel Something” is any indication, we’re in for something really special.

Here’s a lil note from the band themselves about the story behind the song (because why watch me attempt to paraphrase when you can get the full story right here?)

“Feel Something” is a song about the expectations that different people in your life impose on you. Everyone always seems to have an idea of who and what you should be, already defined in their mind. These expectations come without any consideration of how you feel yourself. While some expectations are totally fair, others can totally invalidate your own feelings and thoughts, which is the most hurtful part of it all. In those situations, you may try to explain your point of view to these people, people you may love and cherish, people who bless your life, but they just can’t seem to understand what you’re saying, which leads to a feeling of defeat, straight up disrespect, and honestly, that’s not something that you can easily shake off. In the end, there’s only so much people-pleasing you can do before you start wasting your life away completely.
– RYLS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

RYLS - Feel Something promo photo 2019

Be sure to check back on this playlist at midnight for the new track!

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