The Perfect Christmas Playlist Generator //

The Perfect Christmas Playlist Generator

I spend excessive amounts of time agonizing over Spotify playlists, so you can imagine creating a Christmas playlist is no different. The only one I’ve successfully made was just Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” 66 times. Since I apparently don’t know any other holiday music, I’ve realized I’m not good at holiday parties. My music is not to be trusted, and I am not to be trusted. I will absolutely put on this playlist every time.

Then – as if summoned by Santa’s elves themselves – ProFlowers emailed me, praising my love of Mariah Carey (what the heck!!). They shared with me a tool they created to help create a custom playlist based off of your likes/dislikes. I don’t know if they wanted to help everyone with their playlists or if mine just really offended them to the point of developing this app… but I’m thankful for it either way.

Here’s a note from the elves themselves:

When you’re a music lover, it can be hard to decide which song you’re in the mood to hear. There are just too many good choices! Christmastime is no exception; there are thousands of festive songs competing for your ear. 
Luckily, Proflowers has made it easy to pick exactly which holiday song you feel like rocking out to. Their Christmas Song Interactive allows you to pick the genre of music you want, then generates a list of songs for you to play. They also have a list of the top 20 Christmas songs on YouTube for you to check out. Pick your favorite tune and start celebrating!
I’m officially Allowed At Holiday Parties™️. I mean, I’m going to play my Mariah playlist at some point no matter what. But at least now, I’ve got some options. And I can bring flowers to apologize for my bad behaviour (tell me you’re not in love with that snowman vase, just try and say that).

What songs are on your Christmas playlist?