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Rachael Kennedy: Songwriter To The Stars

By Posted on 0 7 m read

There’s a cool moment about 6 years after you leave high school where you ask what friends have been up to and the answer is something other than “college” or “interning”. Sometimes people have started businesses or moved somewhere new. In the case of Rachael Kennedy, she’s living in Los Angeles & casually writing songs …

Halsey HFK Tour Toronto Recap

By Posted on 0 3 m read

Have I told you about Halsey yet? If you knew me 3 years ago, that sentence just gave you wartime flashbacks to a different world. A world where I incessantly bothered my friends & coworkers to give this Jersey tumblr girl a chance. But it paid off — the gold BADLANDS plaque in my room …

How To Work In Music Right Now (like RIGHT NOW)

If you want to work in music, let’s get started. It doesn’t matter how intimidated you are or what stage you’re at in life, today’s the day you begin. “But Paige,” I hear you say, “I haven’t had any experience yet so who would hire me? Also, the world is on the brink of total …

The Real Problem with Boybands

By Posted on 2 5 m read

Many people seem to believe there’s a problem with boybands. Their music lacks substance. They’re only famous because young girls think they’re hot. They’re ~killing music~ or whatever.

But as a person who has supported boybands religiously since I got my first boombox, let me present to you the real problem with boybands. …

Playlist ♡ Lightbringer

By Posted on 1 5 m read

Have you ever been waiting for Game of Thrones to start and wanted to really tap into the emotion of the episode? After last week’s carnage, there are a lot of things to feel… namely fear/anger or hope/elation (depending on which house you belong to). So what better way to dive in than with a …

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