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New Music: Rachael Kennedy – Bullet Holes

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You know what I love? When you see somebody from your past who pursued their dreams and are actually living and breathing them. And their dream is music. And not only are they making music, but it’s good music. Really REALLY good music.

Such is the life of Rachael Kennedy. She …

When Bands You Love Change

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It’s happened to us all, hasn’t it? You find a band you love, a band you talk up to everyone you know and support loudly and proudly…and then they change completely. And it’s not a change that you totally love.

crying over bands

This girl just found out Ringo was putting out an experimental …

Best Of Reading Festival 2015

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For the second year in a row, I chose to forgo most festivals within a reasonable radius of home in favour of flying overseas to attend Reading Festival. Yet again, I can’t say I regret this decision in the slightest. Canada doesn’t do festivals like this. You will not get this experience if you stay …

Do You Believe You’re Missing Out?

I’m terrible at intros, which is what I say every time I’m meant to make an intro post. I’ve put off writing my first piece on this shiny new blog because I didn’t feel like I was in the right headspace to get going. Then I decided that maybe I should write it anyway, so …

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