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New Music Friday: October 23

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New Music Friday!! The best day of the week!!

Don’t ask me why everyone in the history of the music industry decided to release something new on this particular Friday, but it seems to have happened. Q4 is such a wild time.

Y’all already know Adele is back. Let’s take a …

Getting Gamer Girl’d

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gamer girl’d
/ˈɡāmər ɡərld/
     the phenomenon that occurs when a female shows interest in a male-focused activity and is immediately shamed for “pretending” to enjoy that thing for the attention and affection of men everywhere…even if it’s something they genuinely enjoy.

Watch: Jazz Cartier “When It’s Over”

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First off, I’m a huge fan of Jazz Cartier. I think he’s incredibly talented and one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet.  So of course I was excited when he dropped his new video for “When It’s Over” today. Toronto is doing some big things right now, and Jazz is right there …

An Unofficial Guide To Concert Attendance

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After years of attending concerts, I’ve discovered I have this strange effect on the people around me. No matter where in the audience I am, no matter how full or empty the space is, everyone will look at me as the official crossing guard on their path to the bar, to the front row, or …

New Music: Rachael Kennedy – Bullet Holes

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You know what I love? When you see somebody from your past who pursued their dreams and are actually living and breathing them. And their dream is music. And not only are they making music, but it’s good music. Really REALLY good music.

Such is the life of Rachael Kennedy. She …

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