The Hunna "Flickin' Your Hair" off their new album Dare

Now Spinning: The Hunna – “Flickin’ Your Hair”

I’ve been experiencing some playlist fatigue lately. I don’t have the time I wish I had to look for new music and I end up listening to the same 30 songs until I despise them. However, I was already late enough jumping onto the bandwagon for The Hunna so I didn’t waste any time diving into their new album.

Okay, maybe I did waste a little time. My friend Katy (who is always recommending the best music to me) texted me to ask if we could please discuss Dare… and I hadn’t even realized yet it was Friday. So I started my new music listening with the 3 songs she recommended and “Flickin’ Your Hair” stuck with me immediately. It’s rock n roll, it’s fun, it’s catchy… it’s making me regret the time I went to see their set at Reading Festival and went to the wrong tent.

The Hunna Instagram
Photo of The Hunna, lovingly borrowed from their Instagram

Also, let me know if it’s just me… but there’s something about this song that gives me a pain in my chest. Like it doesn’t sound like it’s inherently meant to be a sad song… but there’s this weird longing I feel within it that makes my heart hurt??? Let me know if that’s just a “me” problem.

Catch me keeping tabs on these guys all over the internet so I don’t accidentally miss any Toronto tour date announcements. I desperately want to scream along to this song live. ♡