Now Spinning: ZAND – “Boys Like U”

ZAND is maybe one of the artists I’m most excited about right now, which means I have like… zero excuse for why this post is so late. Okay, I have a few excuses. But still, I started writing this post in March… so I think that says a lot about the creative rut I’ve been swimming around in. ANYWAY, THE MUSIC!

ZAND (the artist previously known as Seafoal) is maaaaaaybe the coolest person I’ve ever seen on the internet, like I don’t want to be too dramatic but… the proof is there. Check out any of their social media profiles and get to know them a little bit. You’ll instantly feel like they’re too cool and you shouldn’t be allowed to view this content because you are a WORTHLESS WORM.

edit: okay yeah, maybe that got a little dramatic but listen, my thyroid is on the fritz and I am feeling a little OFF so LET IT GO

zand boys like u paigebackstage

“Boys Like U” has been on my driving playlist since the day it came out and I never skip it. Like I’ve listened to this song… multiple times a day… for over 120 days… and I am still wholeheartedly in love with it. It sounds like if Trent Reznor decided he wanted to venture off and make a fun, moody electro-pop record. But honestly, who needs him because we have ZAND and they’re better anyway (no offense, Trent) (or like take offense if you want, I don’t care).

zand boys like u video
watch this video pLEASE RIGHT NOW

The video… *italian chef kiss* literally a work of art. It makes me uncomfortable and the scenes jump around and there’s blood and there’s a spooky part when they say “boo” and really, it’s all worth it just for the disclaimer at the beginning. But I love videos that do something different and stick with you — and after four months, I can confirm that this one has stuck with me. AND way back when, YouTube removed it for being inappropriate, so you KNOW it’s good.

Honestly, I just think that both ZAND and this track are so fantastic. I know the next single is almost here, but I’m still posting this because I want y’all to be clued in and prepared when it drops.

Go say hello to ZAND on Twitter or Instagram (or both) (both is good).

Then come tell me what you think. ♡