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Merry KardiPOP!

Last night, my dad and I headed downtown to the Thompson Hotel’s Rooftop Lounge for KardiPOP, Kardinal Offishall‘s annual Christmas bash. It’s always a great time, but this year was better than most.

I’m at a point where people know me à la carte – as opposed to just as my parents’ kid – so I have more opportunities to talk to people and not be the most uncomfortable person in the room. I mean, I still had my moments. I literally passed out four separate times because my shoes were hurting me in an extreme way. Maybe it’s time to retire my Steve Maddens, because that was uh…y’know, a bit much. But I had a great time, and the view of the Toronto skyline was stunning. Definitely feeling a little more in the Christmas spirit now. Finally!!

toronto skyline kardipop
views from the six

It’s also always fantastic to have a good night while also supporting a deserving charity. All funds raised from donations and auction items went towards his goal of again sending 10 children to Kenya (with 30 Elephants & Me To We) to learn about their culture, do some good, and come home to share about their experiences. It’s a great cause and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something by attending a holiday shindig. Great times with even better friends!

I didn’t drink at all, but I’ve been nursing a hangover headache all day (weird) so I’m just gonna leave y’all with some sick pics and call it a night. Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season as much as we are!

(L to R) Dad, Natasha, Red1, me (with bad red eye correction), Maestro Fresh Wes, DJ Starting From Scratch
solitair kardipop
Solitair and I looking nice
solitair yoana kardipop
Met the lovely Yoana Rae last night, welcome to Toronto!!
solitair kardipop
Solitair and I following the “disrespectful” dress code