One of the most awkward parts of the music industry is when your friends show you their music, and they ask you to premiere or promote it… and it’s absolute hot trash garbage. And you don’t want to hurt them, but you also don’t want to ruin your credibility by tricking people into listening to hot trash garbage. God, am I ever lucky I have talented friends. Meet Charlie Mauve.

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If you’ve been around this blog for a minute, you may be thinking… Charlie Mauve looks familiar… but I don’t recognize this name

I’ve been singing Charlie’s praises for years across her various projects, from her industry career to her bands to her solo releases. But something about this time just feels different. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s her coming into her own on this project. Maybe it’s the stars aligning. Likely it’s that her time working in music has empowered her to do it on her own with total confidence. Can’t get taken advantage of by money-hungry producers if you already know how to record everything in your basement, can’t get tricked into doing pay-to-play gigs when you spend months at a time tour managing.

Normally my brain runs from Soundcloud mixtapes because it makes me think of aggressive men in my DMs demanding I listen to their fire music. But this… this I could get used to.

The voicemail messages from Charlie’s self-esteem… um, they’re too real and I feel personally attacked, honestly. The songs have the vocals of a 90’s female grunge star, but the instrumentals of something more modern. I can’t fully summarize it because I’m still absorbing it. But this is the perfect hors d’oeuvre to get you ready for when the official releases drop. It’s long enough to give you an idea of who Charlie Mauve is, but short enough that it leaves you desperately craving more. It’s the same feeling I had when Halsey released Room 93. 

I’m having trouble picking a fave song, but I think it’s “Cookie Crumbs & Ashes”. But then as soon as I say that, I think about “This World” again… I’m so conflicted. In any case, it’s a quick listen. There’s a short intro/outro, and four full tracks. Take the few minutes to listen to it front to back, and please help me decide which one’s best. It’s for my sanity!!

Meet Charlie Mauve on

I’ve been hearing demos for new tracks and ideas for future releases and projects… and I’m just so excited for what’s to come. Her live show is the best part of everything she does, and I haven’t even had a chance to see her perform any of this yet. There’s still so much to look forward to. I’m overwhelmed.

In the past, I’ve seen Charlie be forced to juggle everything: her career, her music, her life. And you could tell that she was being pulled in every direction at once. But now there’s a different aura in the room, there’s a laser focus I haven’t had a chance to see before. And honestly, it kind of scares me. Which is what makes me believe this is the moment right before it all happens.

So hey, meet Charlie Mauve. She’s about to take over the world.

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