Luke De-Sciscio - Good Bye Folk Boy

Luke De-Sciscio – “Good Bye Folk Boy”

I never get a break with this guy. Every time I think Luke De-Sciscio has given me enough heartfelt music to last me the next year… he shows up again, kicks in my front door, and gives me another 40 minutes worth of reasons to cry. So that’s the story of how Good Bye Folk Boy just showed up in my life and threw everything off the shelves.

Everything Luke has ever made is so sweet, so beautiful, and it just seems to flow from him effortlessly. As a creative myself, it is near infuriating to see how quickly he can knock out an entire album of thoughtful folk songs. I wonder what it would be like to feel things and be able to put those feelings into words? A skill I do not possess.

“Winsome” is a great opening that sounds so clearly like Luke but… stronger. Like the “I’m you but stronger” meme. That’s this album. “Plumb Loco” joins the club with Heavy Hearts’ “Yur Head” in the “songs that remind me of the Neverhood soundtrack” club.

The high notes in “R.O.B.Y.N.” trigger gasps from the depths of my lungs every single time, like I fully did not ask my body to react without my permission but here it goes again! Every damn time!

Luke De-Sciscio - Good Bye Folk Boy

The intro to “Two Way Doors” gave me VERY strong “Gerudo Desert” vibes from Ocarina Of Time (tell me I’m wrong, I dare you). Actually… “I May Never Fall In Love With Everyone” gave me some OOT vibes as well. More like the Bolero of Fire or something. Definitely one of the temple teleportation songs.

“Baby, it’s okay, I’m here, wake up” might be my fave on the record though. It makes me feel cozy and safe, but heavy at the same time. Does that even mean anything? There’s just so many layers to his music. It would make sense that your own reactions to hearing it would be equally complex and full of meaning.

Honestly, I just hate analyzing Luke’s music. It’s so beautiful, I don’t want to change how I’m hearing it by picking it apart. I just want to listen to it and appreciate it, and I would love it if you did the same.

As a person with inbox anxiety, I see a “new email” notification and spiral — even if it just turns out to be Swiss Chalet asking me to review my latest order which is a ~quick delete~. But every time I get an email from Luke, it brightens my whole day. I love how much he loves his music, and talking about other music, and everything surrounding it. I wish I knew more people like Luke, but more than that I’m just happy to know Luke.

You should absolutely take the time to listen to Luke De-Sciscio’s Good Bye Folk Boy.

Then maybe go back and listen to his past albums. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Say hello, ask him about his fave music.