Luke De-Sciscio Jessica - now spinning

Luke De-Sciscio – “Jessica”

As the seasons change, so do the songs I have synced to my phone. Certain genres just fit the weather better. I find this point of the year requires a very specific type of music, and I luckily found Luke De-Sciscio just in time to put him on all my playlists.

Winter is slowly but surely transitioning into spring and I couldn’t be more relieved. This winter was an absolutely brutal one for me, and the long hours of darkness & bitter cold didn’t help at all. I spent far too many days feeling like the world was ending; that feeling becomes a little less overwhelming with every extra minute the sun stays out past 4pm.

Luke De-Sciscio Jessica - now spinning

This transition, when spring starts to feel like its within reach, needs a very special playlist: calm and melancholy, but with a persistent feeling of hope. You’ll usually find me spinning a lot of Ryan Adams & Ben Howard, but I’m adding Luke De-Sciscio to the top of that list.

The light mix of acoustic guitar and twinkling piano gave me an instant warm feeling in my heart. Luke’s voice is so soothing, like “instant stress relief” soothing. It’s the musical equivalent of acknowledging the cold while still showing that there’s something better to come. Looking to the future without feeling like you have to repress the past, if that makes sense? I often have trouble putting my feelings into words, and music like Luke’s helps me to work through things without needing to verbalize it myself.

Luke De-Sciscio Jessica - now spinning

Life can be hard and winter can be long, but things are always changing. For better or worse, they are always changing.

Running a music blog is kind of a weird thing. I want to share new songs I find with you, but I also want this blog to remain personal and not feel like checking Noisey or Alt Press. I’m hoping this new series will help me to walk the line between both! What do you think?

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