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Luke De-Sciscio Is Back With “Buck” And I Am Crying

Hey have you ever thought to yourself “I’m feeling really good right now, I am in control of my life” and then you hear a song and all your emotions & trauma come parading up from the pit of your stomach and crying out of your eyes. Or am I the only one that listened to Luke De-Sciscio’s new track “Buck”?

You may remember me writing about Luke’s previous single “Jessica” in February, back in the dead of winter. Luckily for me, he has returned to bring me another season’s worth of snowy acoustic music. Winter requires a very specific playlist, and I know I say that a lot, but it’s the truth. The same songs don’t work year round… at least not here in a city with four seasons.

The winter I was in college (the only winter because I dropped out LOL whoops), my roommate and I listened to Mumford & Sons’ Sigh No More on a loop…. for three months. Nonstop. I’m not sure how anyone dealt with it, maybe someday I’ll get a call from a lawyer saying there are charges against me for forcing insanity upon a classmate.

Then my go-to winter music was Brand New but *cough* yeah we don’t talk about that anymore.

Luke makes the perfect music for winter. PERFECT. It’s subdued and quiet, but it wraps around you like a warm blanket. It makes you feel your feelings, but not in a… how do I explain this…

It’s less like getting upset in a public place and having everyone stare at you while you freak out, more like crying in the arms of someone who loves you while they tell you it’s gonna be okay. It’s a comfortable vulnerability. Honestly, it turns me into a young Dennis Reynolds.

Luke sent me a lil bit about the song before it came out and this quote from his email threw me for a loop.

When you’re hurt, it’s easy to generate a web of beliefs that act as a cocoon. Some of those beliefs may be beneficial. Some may not be. One day, you’re gonna have to take a look and see them all for what they are. Just one perspective, forged out of self-preservation.

To hell with music, I want to hire Luke to be my life coach. This quote just made me very aware of my own coping mechanisms. Now I’m Frank Reynolds.

i don't like to think about it always sunny

I cannot recommend listening to this more. It’s officially joining the self care hierarchy:

$100 – going to therapy once

$7 – box hair dye to do something drastic

$0 – listen to Luke De-Sciscio and cry for a while and then feel better

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You can also find “Buck” and a bunch of other songs to make you feel your feelings on my new Moody Spotify playlist.

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