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[LISTEN] LP – “Shaken”

LP has given us such a gift with “Shaken”. It’s the high stakes musical number I need to perform in my room when I’m feeling extra melodramatic. Need to let out some of your feelings in a healthy way? This is the option to go for.

I’ve been listening to a lot of rock lately so this song was a welcome change. Listening to a song that has a brass section just makes you feel like you’ve got your life together (even if only for 3-4 minutes).

Just to make it even better, she’s released an animated video for the track that really captures the drama. I’m going to start getting animations made when I have stories to tell my friends, I think it really adds to the storytelling experience.

No one else has a voice like LP. I listen to her music and I can’t think of anyone I could even compare it to. She’s got such a unique sound going on, which is fantastic in an era of Indie Girl Voice and Pop Punk Boy Voice. She’s PERFECT. Once you’ve listened to “Shaken”, make sure you dive in on all of Heart To Mouth.

If you want to listen to LP’s track along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist!

LP press photo 2019

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