Locket - Out Of Sight press photo 1

Locket – “Out Of Sight”

Hello everyone, welcome to the most exciting day of my stupid life. I’ve waited two entire years to be able to say “Safe To Say is bACK BABY!!!” and now I can’t even say it because they changed their name. But y’all, Locket is HERE.

“Out Of Sight” has everything I’ve been missing since 2017, but even better than before… which I had no idea was possible. I can’t explain it. The sound is still so exactly ~them~, but it feels different. More fully realized, maybe. The time off clearly did them good. This is one of my “ride or die” bands, and I’m rushing with adrenaline just thinking about the possibility of them playing shows again.

There are so many fantastic bands based out of Ontario, I’m so proud to be part of our local scene. It’s like one huge family. During the hiatus, JJ joined Heavy Hearts & Brad joined Like Pacific. You go to see one band and all the others are there to support. Locket posted their announcement at 11am and my IG Stories feed filled with everyone I know here sharing about it all at the same time. Being a part of the local scene is so much more fulfilling than working in international music. Everyone is so removed from what they’re doing, it’s just a job. I don’t think I could ever go back at this point.

Locket - Out Of Sight press photo 1

And these guys just signed to Fearless Records, which I think is a great fit for them…. but the label posted a teaser video yesterday and everyone started screaming about Pierce The Veil. So today should be very interesting.

If you didn’t listen to me when I said to listen to Safe To Say — which I said far too much because I am annoying — I will never forgive you if you ignore me again with Locket. I streamed this song for an hour before I went to sleep last night, woke up this morning and immediately threw it back on. I’ve been dramatically lip synching around my room (which I have not unpacked yet, because I have priorities). This is the most satisfying New Music Friday in recent memory. Please don’t let me down out here.

Locket - Out Of Sight press photo 1

But the MOST IMPORTANT part of this post: take a moment out of your day to follow Locket on Spotify. Now that they have a new band name, they’ve had to start a new artist profile. There are so many things you can do for $0 to support your fave bands, and following them on Spotify is one of them. Spotify starts prioritizing artists for playlisting once they hit a certain number of followers, so clicking that button real quick can actually make a huge difference. You can do that right here.

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