Enjoying A Great Night Out with the Living Arts Centre & Basia Bulat

I love going to concerts. Not sure if you knew that about me, I tend to keep it to myself (side note: when are we finally going to get a sarcasm font…?) So when the Living Arts Centre invited me to enjoy a Great Night Out with them in my own hometown, I started counting down the days. But now in a fun twist, I get to help YOU enjoy a Great Night Out with them too!

It’s not often we have great concerts to attend in Mississauga. Maybe someone will play a free show in Celebration Square during the summer, but we otherwise don’t really have the venues for it. I never even thought to check if the Living Arts Centre had shows to attend! I used to perform there when I was a kid, both for dance and music. I swear to you I will find my 1997 June Lawrence Dance School tape of me jazz dancing in a sparkly silver co-ord… but I will NOT show you my grade 9 performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” because my overbite was out of this world. Point being, my brain always associated it with those events as opposed to the type I could attend as someone without a child in the performance.

Living Arts Centre Great Night Out I brought my friend Rhianna to enjoy dinner and a show (which first off, wow I can’t believe we’re adults like that). It’s such a trip inviting people to a show… in Mississauga… instead of driving out to meet them. Their LIVE restaurant has a buffet before the show that felt like Thanksgiving dinner, so we got a few plates. At one point I accidentally flipped my knife across the room.

Living Arts Centre Great Night Out The show itself was just *chef’s kiss* a beautiful experience. It’s not often I go to concerts where I get to sit in a comfy chair, and everyone is quietly enjoying the music instead of trying to break something. Definitely something I could get used to and would like to do again. I mean, it helps that Basia Bulat is literally the most talented person alive and she chose a stellar opening act in Berenice. It was just such a calming experience to sit there and enjoy the music in peace, it’s a whole different energy than I’m used to.

The Living Arts Centre has a whole Great Night Out series: concerts, plays, stand-up comedy. Anything to get you out of the house and experiencing something new. Rhi & I both had an amazing time and I definitely want to go back again soon.

So here’s where you come in!

I’ve got a pair of tickets for one of y’all to see A Tribe Called Red at the Living Arts Centre on November 24th! They’re Juno award winners and Polaris Prize nominees, and just generally a very cool band to take in live. If you want to win, just head over to my Instagram and find out how (it’s super easy, I swear).

Thank you to the Living Arts Centre for having us over for what truly was a Great Night Out. We’ll see you again soon! ♥

Living Arts Centre Great Night Out