Ryn Weaver at the Mod Club in Toronto // PaigeBackstage.com

Ryn Weaver @ The MOD Club

Ryn Weaver is easily one of the most talented and charming people I’ve ever met. She has control over her voice like I’ve never seen before, and I would marry her if she proposed to me. We once had a very sophisticated conversation about our taste in men, which is “guys who look like they’re so malnourished that they’re gonna die like right now”. A concept: me having this conversation while a thought bubble floats over my head playing a slideshow of pictures of Michael Clifford.

All of these things add up to the reason why I will see her live no matter how many times she shows up to cities near me within a year. I think I’ve seen her 5 times this year? And I live in Toronto…it’s very atypical to have an artist up here that many times (and my heart goes out to “the rest of Canada”, a place that doesn’t exist on the travel maps of most musicians).

map of usa and canada
“Ah yes, Canada. If we play a concert in Canada, everyone in Canada can come to the show in Canada” it’s a no from me

I am in no way a professional photographer, but my camera zooms very close and I pass it off as “candid shots” aka I’m trash but I want to post pictures. So immerse yourself in the experience. Click play on the Spotify stream below and look at some really closeup pics of Ryn’s lovely face. And be sure to catch her live next time she’s in your city.

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