JoJo Worthington

JoJo Worthington – “Small Encounters”

What can I say about JoJo Worthington? Her ethereal voice haunts me. Her music makes me feel calm and immediately nervous at the same time. Most importantly, she’s given me exactly what I’m looking for with “Small Encounters”.

Often when I listen to songs written about cultural issues like body positivity, sexual harassment, and similar heavy topics… I find they can be severe. They’re great songs, but it’s hard to listen to them casually because there’s no subtlety to the lyrics. It just says what it means straight up. And this is absolutely fine! There are a billion types of songwriting and none of them are right or wrong. However, I have a soft spot for lyrics that paint a picture so you can interpret them as they pertain to you & your experiences. JoJo’s song does exactly that for me.

JoJo sent me some of her thoughts on the song and what it means, which I’ve included for you below.

“Small Encounters” is a hazy recollection of navigating tumultuous relationships. It is a memory of fleeting, momentary encounters. The loneliness of empty beds nights after. A spectre of drunken nights and small encounters.

It’s also a song about how frequently sexual assault occurs in clubs – public spaces where people should be safe to dance with their friends – and how easily this can be brushed off as being the ‘norm’ in these types of environments.

– JoJo Worthington

I think this song is so beautiful. Her voice is just so indescribable, it’s so soft and haunting, I feel like she’s contacting me through a Ouija board. The instrumentals put me in a trance.

In my quest to discover as much Ontario talent as I can, I’m so thrilled with the results so far. JoJo Worthington is one of my fave finds so far, and I can’t wait for her album TCYK to be released on June 7th!

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