If Bands Were Known For Their Worst Lyrics

The internet as a whole has decided to never let Nicki Minaj live down the lyrics to “Stupid Hoe”. They will pull these lyrics up to compare against some of the greatest songs of our time as if that’s an even playing field. The same thing used to happen to The Wanted (baby come back) against One Direction…someone would throw the lyrics to “Glad You Came” up against a really sweet 1D ballad and everyone would simultaneously lose it.

Ever wonder what would happen if…y’know…we forced everyone to be remembered for the worst lyrics they wrote while someone was filming them after getting their wisdom teeth out? Or after playing an especially gruelling round of CharDee MacDennis?

Aren’t you glad I’m here to show you that alternate timeline?

Ballad of a Thin Man - Bob Dylan worst lyrics

Bicycle Ride - Queen worst lyrics

Check Yo Self - Ice Cube worst lyrics

Hey Ya - Outkast worst lyrics

I Wanna Fuck A Dog - blink-182 worst lyrics

Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran worst lyrics

The Hills - The Weeknd worst lyrics

Trapped In The Closet - R Kelly worst lyrics

Miami - Will Smith worst lyrics

She's Kinda Hot - 5SOS worst lyrics

The Haylor Song - Halsey worst lyrics


What are the worst lyrics that your faves ever put out?