Hayden Everett - Color

Hayden Everett – “Color”

I’m the first person to say that fanbases get aggressive and gatekeep new fans and it’s RIDICULOUS and unnecessary. But then I discover an artist like Hayden Everett off their first single and immediately go on a power trip, like my MIND!! So while I get my ego in check, let’s listen to “Color”.

So Hayden’s an R&B/pop artist from San Francisco. “Color” is his first single and he’s already got 25k+ spins on Spotify??? Can’t blame everyone, it’s a fantastic track. I’m reminded a bit of the latest Now, Now album, which is a GREAT thing. He’s got a phone number listed on his Spotify bio which makes me both nervous for him and extremely intrigued. What happens if you phone?? I’m too scared to do it.

But the farther I get into this blogging thing, the weirder the things are that I’m impressed by. Like I was stunned to see that this is his first single and he’s already got a variety of promo photos AND a full artist bio. The guy’s hustling and I respect it. I’m gonna leave you with the quote below from his bio because I like the sentiment behind it. I just love everything about this!

The driving force of Hayden Everett’s art is music’s universal ability to make us all feel our most human. Celebration, nostalgia, awe, sadness, wonder, conviction, or doubt. He hopes that his songs can be of use to you.

If you want to listen to Hayden’s new track along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist!

Hayden Everett - Color

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