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Friday Favourites

I often get super overwhelmed by the sheer number of things I want to mention on here. I’d post 4 times a day if I could, but unfortunately I have things like “a job” and “a basic human need to eat and sleep”. So it doesn’t always work out. But today, we’re going to round up a bunch of stuff I think you’d enjoy. Just scroll through, find some things, enjoy your Friday!

Valley’s New Video

Okay, so it’s NO secret that I love Valley. Ever since I first saw them at the Rivoli last year, I’ve just wanted to see them succeed… and they’ve been like… REALLY succeeding, REALLY fast. It’s been disorienting to keep up with, every time I blink they’re doing something else incredible. But it’s so well deserved and “A Phone Call In Amsterdam” is no exception. The video just dropped today, you can watch it above!

Blondie and the Beat

I met Abbey through Instagram and immediately fell in love with her blog. She just celebrated BatB’s 6th birthday, posting Q&A’s, playlists, music reviews, and I love her “New Music Friday” posts. There’s always so much going on, it’s nice to have someone whose music taste you trust picking out some new things for you!

Plus I love how she has a Concerts tab where you can browse every show she’s been to PLUS it links you to posts she’s made about each of those artists so you can learn more. Might need to add something like that to my site — it’s genius.

BMTH – “Doomed” at Royal Albert Hall

I’ve literally cried every single time I’ve watched this at exactly the 3:47 mark. I get CHILLS. Hearing Bring Me The Horizon performing with a 50 piece orchestra sounds like a weird combo, but trust me… it’s gold.

uhhhh I think I love Cleopatrick

hey I’d like you to meet probably my fave idea for a lyric video ever

First off… I love it when I find a new band and think they’re incredible, and THEN discover they’re from Ontario. It’s equivalent to getting a raise at work and then finding out you also won the lottery. Cleopatrick is sick, there’s nothing I can say that will convince you more than just watching their own video and listening to their music. So go do that. I’ll wait.

Best Viral Marketing: Heart Attack Man

Every single time I hang out with friends or talk to literally anyone, I make them wait for me to scroll wayyyyy back in Heart Attack Man’s Twitter feed so I can show them this video. Eric’s really locked down the market for niche marketing to internet kids. So many artists try and end up seeming like…

Image result for how do you do fellow kids

There’s nothing that makes me happier than bands who can balance between creating sick music and perpetuating meme culture. Check out “Out For Blood“, the latest single from the upcoming album Fake Blood (which I’m already highly recommending based off of two songs)

Need some plaid? Me too.

I’ve been trying to find plaid pants for months… ones that actually fit and are made of real trouser material. I didn’t think this was such a hard ask until I realized no one had them. So I dug through all my fave fashion bloggers’ photos on IG and checking every linked account until I found where they were buying them. Love Too True has literally every colour I could have ever imagined, PLUS kilts AND dungarees, AND now they have festival clothes. AND THEY’RE HAVING A SALE. I ordered a handful of stuff and can’t wait to finally look externally the way I look to myself internally.

Those are just a couple of the things I’m thinking about today. Should I do these posts more often? Do you like the ~roundup~ as opposed to individual posts? Slide thru my DMs, tell me how you feel.