french alps tiger press photo 2019

French Alps Tiger – “Tell A Lie”

Happy Canada Day y’all! I swear I’ve got some new local tunes to share for the holiday, but I’ve got to show love for our commonwealth friends in French Alps Tiger too.

I find a lot of indie rock music sounds very similar and like… it’s all good, it’s just all cut from the same cloth. A mere 13 seconds in to “Tell a Lie”, I knew this was a standout for me. I just love the energy around it, it makes me feel like I’m in the opening scene of a teen coming-of-age film singing into my hairbrush in the mirror during a “what will I wear for my first day of high school” montage.

Also, for what it’s worth, I get a ton of submissions where I check and it’s just 4-5 men with the same haircut. It was so nice to save their press photo and see a mix of genders (and hairstyles). I went to school with a girl who constantly told me she didn’t respect women in rock because they “just couldn’t cut it” and didn’t fit in. So when I get cool submissions that prove her wrong, it still makes me feel better about that yeeeeears after the fact.

french alps tiger press photo 2019

I feel like I have to make a new playlist just because of French Alps Tiger and Fade Awaays. If you have other suggestions for indie rock bands that are creating something cool and different (or playlist title suggestions), leave em below!

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