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Festive Follow Friday: Nataliya Ogle

Friday again so soon? There are only two of these glorious days left in Blogmas, so naturally I still have about 30 people I’d like to feature for Festive Follow Friday. However, this person is so special and wonderful, I have no problems whatsoever ignoring the rest of the list for her today. There’s no one I’d rather encourage everyone to follow than Nataliya Ogle of Style Tomes.

Don’t ask me why she followed me in the first place – she’s been blogging forever and I was just set up at the time – but I’m sure glad she did. Her blog combines fashion and beauty with a really positive attitude that doesn’t always come from the fashion industry. Nataliya was in it and knows that for herself, so her mission…well, let her tell you for herself:

I started Style Tomes as a personal outlet for self-expression. I struggled with body image issues for over a decade, so it’s important to inspire my readers to love them for being themselves. Self-acceptance and confidence are very difficult to nourish, but I’m a proven case that with the right mindset, women (and men) can grow and flourish no matter the circumstance or what the culture dictates as “perfection”. There are enough opinions and criticisms to derail our self-actualization journey without me adding to the mix. I’m hoping to inspire independence- style is developed by being unique and by not being afraid to experiment!

I’m here to document the mistakes necessary in my fashion and lifestyle choices in order to see how my life evolves based on those decisions.

Like can you read that without smiling?? I can’t help but feel better about myself when Nataliya stops by to comment on one of my posts or when I see her photo captions scroll by on Instagram.

She’s one of those blogs that I read with stars in my eyes, because she’s out there doing the coolest things like attending fashion weeks and going to photo shoots. However, I love it even more because she’s very realistic about what’s going on. Her post about what actually happens when you attend fashion week events is one of my faves because it doesn’t glamorize the experience to make it seem enviable; she’s very honest about the running around and standing around and not getting in and waiting and waiting…I appreciate her honesty, is what I think I’m trying to say here.

Nataliya Ogle Elle

This picture of Nataliya was on Elle‘s website. As in Elle, the world famous magazine. As one of 20 “Street Chic” looks they found in NYC.

Along with the fact that she’s super cool and down to earth, she’s also looking out for all of us unorganized procrastinators that didn’t do our Christmas shopping yet. Check out her Holiday Gift Guide if you’re still looking for a gift for that special someone…or that special everyone…(and if you leave it WAY too late, she’s even got a guide on how to wrap your presents 30 seconds before they need to be under the tree!)

In closing, Nataliya is fantastic and you’ll LOVE her.

(There’s so much more I’d like to add but I’m going to let you find out more about her through her own words/posts/pics)

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