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Festive Follow Friday: Molly Ford Beck

Molly Ford Beck is smart, pretty & awkward. Wait, let me explain.

molly ford beck smart pretty and awkward

She’s literally “Smart Pretty & Awkward“, the first blog I started faithfully reading and the only blog I still check every single day. As part of Blogmas (which is proving to be easier than expected), I wanted to shoutout some of my favourite blogs and Molly was an obvious first choice!

Smart Pretty & Awkward isn’t about long op-eds or clickbait. It follows the same general layout every post. It starts with a lovely quote and then leads into three points: how to be smarter, how to be prettier, and how to be (less) awkward. I’ve learned a million things from going back farther and farther into the archives. The Smart point is often about a book or article to read that will help you to become a more functional adult. Actually, I’m reading one right now about how good luck is a real thing. Sometimes the Pretty point will be about a cool online store or how to wear a specific fashion trend in a way that works for an office job. I tend to like her advice on how to be less awkward, because I am prone to getting myself into hopelessly uncomfortable situations. One of my favourite things she ever posted on SPA was this post that gives you a genius way out if you forget someone’s name. I pass this tip on to anyone who tells me they’re bad with names, and their eyes always light up like I said they won the lottery and a date with Harry Styles.

molly ford beck smart pretty and awkward
Photo borrowed from SPA

Not only is she just a lovely blogger with everyone’s best interests in mind, she’s also kind of a big deal. Molly was featured on Forbes last year, had her own column in Parade magazine, AND has a book recommendation column syndicated in over 70 newspapers! Looking at her press page will leave you gasping for air and aspiring for greatness in your own life. One of my favourite things that she’s doing is teaching a Digital Marketing program at General Assembly. It’s always different to learn digital marketing and social media-based marketing from someone who has successfully done it. Hearing it from a teacher who learned but never implemented the concepts is a little different. If I ever find myself in New York City while one of her blog-specific workshops is going on (if they’re still going on), you best believe I’ll be there.

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Molly Ford Beck Smart, Pretty & Awkward