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Festive Follow Friday: Carley Coles

I’m sure by this point, y’all have noticed Carley Coles (Pale In Plaid) roaming the corridors of my blog more than once. From our collab on her blog about ways to wear your fave band shirts, to our Christmas Tag collab on my YouTube channel…Carley has become a bit of a staple around here. It’s been great, not only to have another voice popping in from time to time but also having someone else I see in real life who is also interested in the joys of Canva and how to take a nice flat lay. For these reasons (among about a million others), Carley is this week’s Festive Follow Friday.

Carley runs “Pale In Plaid”, a blog dedicated mainly to fashion, beauty, and music. She’s also the co-creator of #12DaysOfVinyl on Instagram, our holiday challenge for vinyl collectors that has been going SO well. We’ve had so much fun, it’s so sad to think that we’re nearly at the end of it.

She’s also going to school for Fashion Management, which means I fully trust everything she says about fashion and beauty because

a) she’s more qualified and educated on the subject than I am

b) she can put together a Scream Queens outfit in like 4 seconds flat, which I admire and fear


Not only is Carley well versed in her blog topics, she also is very liberal in her use of puns. I don’t know anyone who makes as many puns as her – with the exception of Harry Styles – and I groan every time but 100% appreciate every last one of them.

several bad puns later title card from spongebob squarepants

She literally made a pun in the post I read while writing this and I had to lie down.

Essentially, you are missing out if you’re not following Carley Coles on all socials and checking her blog daily. Say hi by sending her a terrible pun at any of the following locations:

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