drew thomson foundation press photo 2019

The Drew Thomson Foundation – “L.A. Lately”

I had The Drew Thomson Foundation recommended to me by a friend and sent a “y’know I’m gonna blog about this” text before I got halfway through “A Little More Time”. Now Drew’s released his latest track “L.A. Lately” and man… talk about lightning striking twice.

If you’re a fan of post-hardcore, you may recognize Drew from his other band, Single Mothers. The Drew Thomson Foundation is his latest project and the one that he identifies with most these days — he sees his SM self as more of an alter ego. It’s got an early 2000’s indie rock feel to it that I’m loving, and I’m honestly unsure which track I like best at this point. They’re both perfect… so why choose?

I’ve heard the name Single Mothers a handful of times, but I don’t think I ever fully plunged in to their discography. I’ll definitely be doing that to occupy myself while I wait for DTF’s debut LP to drop later this year.

Want to listen to Drew’s new track and see what else has been on my radar lately? You can find everything in this Spotify playlist!

drew thomson foundation press photo 2019

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