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courtship. – “Guy Stuff”

I’ll be honest, when I was scrolling through SubmitHub and saw a song called “Guy Stuff”, I just… immediately assumed this song probably wasn’t ~for me~. I was wrong, god I was so wrong. courtship. may have made my favourite song for all my summer playlists this year.

I feel like I shouldn’t tell people that I got hooked on this song the minute it opened with “why do guys like knives?” because I just… felt that? But I feel like we know each other well enough here by now. So hey, that’s exactly why I gave it a full shot.

Everything about this song is spot on. The tongue in cheek explanation of what ~guy stuff~ is, the production, the background vocals, the digitally altered voice in the final chorus that reminds me of Hellogoodbye. Everything.

Update: the music video is now out too and I love it!!

I want to be entirely accurate, I think I’ve listened to this song about 100 times this week. Instead of my typical “listening on repeat until I’m sick of it” pattern, this song just keeps getting better every time. Give courtship. 100 listens yourself, you’ll see what I mean.

You can find this song (and a ton more) on my Spotify playlist of current faves.

Courtship band press photo

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