Christmas Destress Session

My day today consisted of going to work, eating a couple meals, wrapping a billion Christmas gifts, taking a shower…and then promptly remembering that I hadn’t written a Blogmas post yet for today. I’m sure a lot of Christmas-celebrating individuals had similar days (except without the Blogmas part, because I don’t know anyone else dumb enough to launch into this during the busiest holiday season of the year).

All I want right now is to watch Jessica Jones and eat an entire box of Cheerios. Actually, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But since I can’t have a box of Cheerios on everyone’s doorstep within the next half hour, I’m going to give you the virtual version of good TV and a snack. My own personal Christmas destress session.

Christmas Destress Session

Okay, before I send you links to all the weird things I find on the internet…some words of reassurance. Soon, Christmas will be here and you won’t have to worry about prepping and buying and planning and stressing. The day will be here and it will pass and your life will keep going. And it’ll be great.

If you’re worried about the gifts you bought for family and friends, don’t be. They’ll just be happy that you thought of them, and the fact that you’re worried proves how much you care about them feeling loved this holiday season.

If you’ve lost someone recently and this is your first Christmas without them, stay strong. Reach out to someone if you need to. You will get through this. It won’t be easy, but you are strong.

If you don’t have plans for Christmas, that’s okay. We kind of turned it into a consumerist joke anyway, am I right? But seriously, you could try and track down a group of friends doing a Christmas dinner of their own, volunteer somewhere, take a day to yourself while all the shops are closed…do what’s best for yourself.

If you’re worried about how you’ll stop yourself from crying at the dinner table when your older racist family member might go off about how much he loves Donald Trump…honestly, I’ve got nothing for you. I’m equally concerned.


But let’s get right to those links because they’ll be fun for everyone and might give you the respite you need before the last 2 days of pre-holiday craziness begin.

Obviously we’re going to start with B.Urie’s Drunk History of Fall Out Boy

This site does guided meditation for as long or as short a timeframe as you want

Check out Aubrey Plaza in a sick Ring Pop commercial

Just…please read this tweet, I’ve been crying for like a half hour

If you watch The Gabbie Show on Vine, you’ll love her story about meeting Matthew Lewis…

DCF is from Toronto and this song is called John Cusack and that could be enough to make you click this


wolfpupy is my all time fave Twitter account that I 100% recommend sending thousands of dollars to

If you need to shout into the void, here’s a site to do it on where no one has to see

I don’t want to take you away from all your important tasks for too long, but hopefully this helps you to take a deep breath and feel a little better! Love y’all, remember to take a minute for yourself amidst all the hoopla! xoxo

HOOPLAH spongebob squarepants