Certainty - Temporary Love

Certainty – “Headaches”

It was going to take a lot this weekend to make me listen to anything other than Banks’ new album for 48 hours. Then Certainty dropped their new track “Headaches” and my priorities all shifted. I can’t even explain how much I love this song, Ontario bands are ALL on their A game in 2019 and it’s been incredible to witness.

We already know I’m bad with genre defining. Certainty describes themselves as “pop-rock/alternative” which saves me the trouble of butchering it. They perfectly occupy the space right past pop-punk where I currently live. “Headaches” is so beautifully cinematic, and the video — directed by Rarity’s Loeden Learn — matches the level of drama exactly.

Side note: This article has taken me hours to write because I have to stop and clap along with the song every time the chorus rolls around.

I loved this song all on its own, but then I talked to Brent and found out that Lovely Little Lonely was a big inspiration while recording this album. Now I can hear tiny elements of The Maine in here and I love it even more. Especially if you listen to the very beginning of the bridge… something about the way it all pulls back to just the guitar chords and percussion just… I see Pat Kirch’s face in my mind? Weird but true.

Certainty’s new album Temporary Love will be out on August 16th (so soon!!) so be sure to check back soon for more new tunes.

If you want to listen to Certainty’s new track along with a bunch of other Ontario artists I think are cool right now, follow this playlist!

Certainty - Headaches

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