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Cards For A Very Merry Pop Punk Christmas

By Posted on 3 1 m read

Every year, I think about sending out cards to my nearest and dearest to celebrate the holidays. Now, you can bet I’d be buying billions of cards from Julie or Diamond if I had the home addresses of everyone I knew (seriously, hip hop Christmas cards…I need them all), but since I don’t…e-cards are a great way to pass along the sentiment and some festive vibes. Now my only hurdle is finding ones that I don’t think would be immediately re-gifted to an email trash folder.

What better way to fix a problem than to be the solution? So I made a bunch of pop punk Christmas cards, ranging from mildly festive to extremely anti-festive to horribly anxious about the festivities. A little something for everyone. Plus, an additional Lana Del Rey card because my sense of humour is just terrible. I made that card myself, y’all. You’re welcome.

Share these with your friends and let me know if you’re still friends by the end of 2015!

Comment below if you want more cards & I will bring the people what they want.

All Time Low Pop Punk Christmas Cards //

7 Minutes In Heaven Pop Punk Christmas Cards //

The Maine Pop Punk Christmas Cards //

Fall Out Boy Pop Punk Christmas Cards //

Blink-182 Pop Punk Christmas Cards //

Blink-182 Pop Punk Christmas Cards //

Lana Del Rey Pop Punk Christmas Cards //

I’ve got about a billion more ideas, so just lemme know if you want more OR alternatively, tell me if you want to see a specific one and I will make you that card. Talk about customer service.

Which one might actually get sent out to your friends/enemies?


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  • peyton
    December 16, 2015

    The “Born to Fly” one just ruined (made) my whole day.

    • Paige Williams
      December 16, 2015

      It took me an entire hour to make that, so I appreciate this. thank u peytz <3

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