Bülow You & Jennifer for VEVO DSCVR

bülow’s “You & Jennifer” is my new obsession

I feel like every time I discover a new artist — or even just a single song — my brain automatically jumps to “oh my god, this is the best thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t care about anything else anymore”. That’s just how life is when my brain can only seem to compute obsession or apathy. But this time… I think I might be onto something with bülow.

Meet bülow.

You may recognize bülow from her current hit radio single “Not A Love Song”, but “You & Jennifer” is something else entirely. I was listening to the first verse thinking I probably liked it… and as soon as the chorus hit, I felt an entire ocean swell up in my heart and the waves started crashing around in my abdomen. First off, how dare she crawl inside my mind like this and create a track that hurts me so deeply.

But also, can we appreciate those vocal harmonizer vibes near the end?? Ever since I discovered Imogen Heap in the tenth grade, I’ve had a very special place in my heart for this exact effect. It never gets old. I saw Ariana Grade use the Mi.Mu gloves live and almost lost my mind. This song is the perfect mix of pop and electronic and something I can’t quite wrap my head around. All I know is I’m completely in love with bülow and ready to hear more.

Bülow You & Jennifer for VEVO DSCVR

Another really cool part of this video is the Vevo DSCVR program.

I’ve been a fan for a long time, ever since I worked for Halsey and she did her DSCVR session of “Hurricane” (remember the Badlands days??? I miss them so much, oh my gOD). OOH also, while we’re here, you gotta listen to Tor Miller’s DSCVR session of “Baby Blue” too, I think about it EVERY DAY.

They curate up & coming artists to perform their tracks in a really cool way live, and I often enjoy them more than the originals. Other past alumni include James Bay, Years & Years, Sam Smith, Pale Waves, Jade Bird, Tove Lo, Billie Eilish, and about a billion others. I think it’s so cool to see a huge company like Vevo getting involved in helping new artists to find their audience.

Too often, I feel like the music industry expects you to start with a huge online following. A lot of artists are fantastic at music but don’t have the first idea about social media, and it feels unfair that they’re punished for it. Vevo stepping in to help promote cool artists and give them that first push feels so wholesome. And hey, it helped me find bülow, so the process totally works.

You should check out bülow on twitter & instagram

And hey, you should check out Vevo DSCVR too