Bring Back Neopets //

Bring Back Neopets 2015

Remember Neopets? Remember the countless hours you spent on this primitive html site as a kid? Remember Meerca Chase? Getting your daily slice of the Giant Omelette? Remember when Maraqua sank??? Remember when I got my mom to fax a permission form to Neopets so I could go onto the Neoboards before I turned 13?

All that shit is STILL THERE.


Sometimes you may feel like life is scary and moving too fast, like you’re not ready to be a certified Adult yet. Neopets will always be there to welcome you home.

Don’t pretend you’re not still using the same password you were using in 2003. Get back into that account and go through your dailies. Collect your omelette slice, your jelly, your bank interest. Go fishing in the underwater cavern. And feed your poor Neopets, they’ve been sitting there waiting for you for all this time like I’m pretty sure you can buy them a snack.

Unfortunately, you’ve just missed the Altador Cup by a few months…so no sportsing for you. But did you ever complete the Altador plot back in the day? I swear it was impossible without the help of TheDailyNeopets, but now you can group your online resources and accomplish something with your internet time.

There is nothing that will make you feel better than going back to your old account and seeing all the things you accomplished back in –

neopets profile

– back in uh…alright, 4 years ago when I made this account. KAPOW0325 is clearly embarrassed for me. Right. I convinced all my friends in second semester of freshman year that we should all get back onto Neopets. And we took it really seriously for a little bit (apparently).

neopets awards
I am the Queen of Neopets.

On those days when you just feel like you’re stagnant and don’t know how to be an adult, you can find your way back here to a place where you win trophies like nobody’s business (because the games were designed for children). You can complete tasks and get into a little bit of a routine to make yourself feel like you have a handle on your life. You can care for your Neopet, who will always say nice things to you, and worry about someone other than yourself for a minute. Really, Neopets could be a great therapy tool. But we all thought we had to grow up and move on. Nope.

Neofriend me. See you in the Neoboards.