Blogmas: December 1st, I’m in a foreign state

About an hour ago, I made the decision to take part in Blogmas this year. What is Blogmas, you ask? Oh it’s nothing, you just have to post on your blog every goddamn day for the entire month of December. The busiest month of the year, full of holiday shopping and holiday parties and seeing family and h-okay, I’m stopping, I sound like the Grinch. But really, this is the worst time of year to ever make a high-intensity blog challenge like this.

And yet…here I am. Walking straight into the fire knowing full well I’m gonna get burned.

thanks for the help

What am I going to talk about every single day for 31 days?? I mean, I run a blog so I clearly feel like I have things to say and share with others. But 31 days in a row? Without room for me to skip a day for lack of interesting information? I’ve got some good posts stocked up from our old FFEA blog, and I have things going on this month that I can definitely write about…but there’s going to come a time when I am on a flight to Florida or haven’t left my bed in 48 hours and this is going to read more like a sad, pathetic diary than a blog that actually has some value to whoever is reading it. Yikes, hope y’all are ready.

So yes. I am going to post every day from December 1st to December 31st. Please keep me accountable to this, because I absolutely 100% will try to cut corners at the first visible opportunity.

Also, today is the first day of the #12DaysOfVinyl, so join us in the hashtag over on Instagram to share your albums and check out everyone else’s picks! (if you missed the original post with the rules, here it is)

Today’s December 1st, so make sure you listen to “Ho Ho Hopefully” all day long, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

the maine ho ho hopefully blogmas