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Blogmas: December 1st, I’m In A Foreign State…

As promised, Blogmas is back for another year of fun and anxiety but also holiday cheer but also stress.

Posting every day for 31 days during the busiest time of the entire godawful year we’ve endured…is stressful. However, this year I made the commitment to Blogmas before December 1st so at least I got to write some of these before the day they were due. For instance, hey! Hi! It’s me, talking to you from the past! November 16th, whaddup!

Editor’s note: November Paige set the bar too high, I’m finishing this at 1:08am on December 1st.

Today is the most important day of December, as it’s the day referenced in the best holiday song of all time – if we ignore the eternal masterpiece that is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – which is obviously “Ho Ho Hopefully” by The Maine.

This song deserves your undivided attention for at least a few minutes today. You’ve got options here: there’s a video from 4 years ago that feels more unsettling with each passing December or you can listen to the recorded version of the song on Spotify. Your choice.

Anyway, back to Blogmas. I’ve made an extra big mistake this year by committing to not only 31 blog posts, but 31 YouTube videos as well. Apparently I want to suffer, I don’t know. Here are some of the things you can expect from the blog:

– #SundaySpins with Carley
– Country Christmas Music with Kate
– Mysterious posts from an unknown character??
– Lots of year-end Top 10/Top 25/Top 50 lists
– Music Mondays with meeeeee recommending some things you might like
– Gift guides and holiday fun galore, oh man oh man oh man

I’m really excited, deep down past all the nerves. I committed to this for a reason. I love writing/filming, and I create better content when put under massive amounts of stress. So hopefully this December yields some crazy good posts or else…or else I’m not sure why I’ve subjected myself to such madness.

Let’s spread that Blogmas cheer, y’all. Merry Blogmas.

Don’t forget to check out today’s video (it’s my first ever vlog!)