Alexisonfire at Reading Festival 2015 //

Best Of Reading Festival 2015

For the second year in a row, I chose to forgo most festivals within a reasonable radius of home in favour of flying overseas to attend Reading Festival. Yet again, I can’t say I regret this decision in the slightest. Canada doesn’t do festivals like this. You will not get this experience if you stay in North America. This is a whole other game entirely.

I thought the highlight of my weekend would be seeing Mumford & Sons (and don’t get me wrong, they were great), but Bring Me The Horizon won me over as soon as they started their concert safety video. The live show was great – as always – and the visuals really caused a sensory overload that immersed me further in the show. But I think the part that really got me was the sunset. I made so many puns about the Horizon for 10 minutes straight, and no one else could even hear me. I was just having a great laugh all by myself.

Bring Me The Horizon at Reading Festival 2015 //
Is this the real life?

(if you want to watch BMTH’s set and pretend you were there/relive it…here it is. What a gift.)

I didn’t get to see every set – that would be ludicrous and would require a time turner – but I did see more than I thought I would. Especially when we weren’t turning up to the festival terribly early.

If you were at Reading Festival – who did you love that wasn’t featured in the playlist?

If you weren’t at Reading Festival – make any new music discoveries through this?