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The Bergamot – “Ceasefire”

Today I’m bringing you a perfect Sunday afternoon song. The Bergamot released “Ceasefire” in April and it just fits perfectly with how I’m feeling today (and most Sundays).

Quick background info: The Bergamot is an American indie-folk-rock band from Brooklyn, NY. The two founding members/songwriters are Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece (a husband and wife duo, love that for them!!)

I feel like if I point out how much I love the harmonies, someone’s gonna burn my house down because that’s my #1 comment on this entire website. But I’m just so serious about good vocal harmonies, I’m sorry. The Bergamot has really perfected them and I refuse to shut up about it.

The chorus reminds me of another band, and I’m pretty sure it’s Stars… and honestly, that is nothing to complain about. I absolutely adore it. Plus, I love a band where I hear one song and immediately fall down the rabbit hole into the rest. I’ve been listening to their Spotify on shuffle and haven’t switched tabs to skip a single song yet.

Update: I’ve added their latest video below in case you want to continue down the YouTube rabbit hole.

the bergamot press photo 2019

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